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introduction post: hello!

Name: Emma!
Age: 18.
K-fandoms (alphabetical): A Pink, B1A4, f(x), Girl's Day, Infinite, IU, Miss A, Secret, SNSD, Teen Top, U-Kiss, k-indie groups + a casual fan of various other girl groups.
Other fandoms (alphabetical): Candy Mafia, DCU (mostly just Teen Titans and Batman, though), Doctor Who, Merlin, One Direction, BBC's Sherlock, Video Games (Final Fantasy, the Persona series, Pokemon, Tales of series).
Other favourite things: Cats, fashion, food, languages, nutrition, painting, photography, polaroids, rambling, writing.
What I post: General life ramblings, perhaps some fandom things here and there, but nothing too serious. :)
Other things: Ask if you would like to add me to twitter/tumblr! And other than that idk hi, comment if you'd like to perhaps add me? ♥ :D