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2033-03-03 03:30 am
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introduction post: hello!

Name: Emma!
Age: 18.
K-fandoms (alphabetical): A Pink, B1A4, f(x), Girl's Day, Infinite, IU, Miss A, Secret, SNSD, Teen Top, U-Kiss, k-indie groups + a casual fan of various other girl groups.
Other fandoms (alphabetical): Candy Mafia, DCU (mostly just Teen Titans and Batman, though), Doctor Who, Merlin, One Direction, BBC's Sherlock, Video Games (Final Fantasy, the Persona series, Pokemon, Tales of series).
Other favourite things: Cats, fashion, food, languages, nutrition, painting, photography, polaroids, rambling, writing.
What I post: General life ramblings, perhaps some fandom things here and there, but nothing too serious. :)
Other things: Ask if you would like to add me to twitter/tumblr! And other than that idk hi, comment if you'd like to perhaps add me? ♥ :D
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2012-09-04 01:54 am
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do you wanna?

I've started university. Classes don't start until Wednesday, but I'm already freaking out.

I just hope I'll be able to make friends.
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2012-07-31 11:19 pm
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Foods I missed while I was in Quebec.

 Being away for five weeks was rough :( It's the first time I've been away by myself for such a long time! Therefore I've complied a list of foods that I haven't gotten the chance to eat for a while, and miss. Here it is:
  • Popcorn
  • Korean food (Kimchi stew!!! Bulgogi!!!!!!! EVERYTHING)
  • Tacos
  • Candy
  • Stir-fries and other homemade Chinese food
  • Homemade food in general :(
  • Homemade crêpes with chocolate & strawberry sauce ♥
  • Pots of loose tea
  • Avocado
  • Everything yummy and healthy and beautiful
  • Giant salads and bbqs and :(
  • S'mores on the fire ♥
  • Ice cream and pie and cupcakes and all sweet, homemade things
There's probably more too but I have an awful memory and often forget my cravings :( But whatever I'm glad I'll be able to make/eat these foods again soon. ♥